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“Déesse By Dijana Sulić“

Identité visuelle, et catalogue de la collection Déesse Jewellery. Photographie en collaboration avec Luigi Di Crasto. 

Déesse : design for postmodern godesses

The magical spirit of ancient times merges with a cosmopolitan urban energy to create unique and timeless elegance in the original jewellery brand Déesse by Dijana Sulić. The experience of living on different continents has resulted in the designer’s passionate interest in traditional arts and a comprehensive understanding of beads and their fascinating history.

The origin of beads is lost in time immemorial: they are the oldest form of human artistic expression. Over thousands of years, in every corner of our planet, countless craftsmen and artists have used their imagination and skills to create those beautiful, tiny artefacts out of various precious and organic materials. Adorning the body was one of the rst evolutionary signs of “behavioural modernity” of our species.

The history of beads re ects the history of humanity. Billions of beads have crossed space and time changing hands and owners on their wonderful journey around the planet, thus creating an impressive living record of global culture. Much more than simple adornments, beads have been associated with various spiritual beliefs, cultural customs and social traditions.

They have been used as status symbols, fetishes, amulets, talismans and, of course, fashion items signifying beauty, power and human creativity. In ancient times, they travelled with the caravans following Salt, Gold and Silk Routes. Today, they continue to travel from continent to continent, to the great delight of connoisseurs and collectors

Every piece of Déesse jewellery is an original one-of-a-kind creation made of collectible African trade and tribal beads dating from the 12th to the 20th century. The impetus for the brand resides in the ever-lasting beauty and mystery of ancestral beads. Centuries old and still young, they become the source of inspiration and the precious raw material in the hands of a contemporary designer.

Each genuine hand-made bead used in Déesse creations is a unique miniature work of art with its own story and its secrets. More than an exclusive fashion object, every Déesse piece is a symbolic journey through time and space, a tribute to all never-to-be-known artists who produced the beads and all never-to-be-met women and men who admired, desired, purchased and wore them.

Adapting postmodern art techniques of assemblage, bricolage and collage to these timeless creations, Déesse goes beyond the postmodern concept of recycling the history or recreating it from the vestiges of times past. The ideal of establishing an invisible link uniting women from the past, present and future around the eternal feminine principles of beauty, harmony and strength is translated and expressed by multifaceted, undeniably emblematic objects.

Juxtaposing antique and ancient with vintage and modern elements in playfully attractive compositions, the designer creates exquisite and audacious fusion pieces of jewellery, which are at the same time fashion and collectors’ items. At the crossways between primitive arts, Art Déco and contemporary art, Déesse jewellery combines ethnic spirit and urban sophistication, old-fashioned glamour and ultramodern chic, into highly symbolic wearable art objects.

Dijana Sulić

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